Guitar Getaways Summer School course information


What level do I need to be at to enrol for the Guitar Getaways Summer School?

You should be able to:

1. Play simple melodies convincingly, usingat least one major scale shape and one minor pentatonic scale shape.

2. Play full barre chords comfortably, using at least E and A shapes.

3. Have a basic grasp of string bending, slides, vibrato technique, ideally in a blues improvisation context.

Course outline:

Week long Applied courses will generally enrol on a Sunday evening. Five full days of guitar tuition will follow, with formal tuition ending at around 5pm on the Friday. On each full day of the Getaway (generally Monday to Friday), classes are expected to run from approximately 9am to 5pm (with breaks am and pm, plus a one hour lunch break) On some evenings of the Getaway, it is planned that there will be opportunities for students to jam, or practice together. The jam may take place at an off-site venue, and transportation of students and equipment will be provided as required.


All Applied Guitar Getaways will normally feature at least one of each of the class types listed below. The materials delivered will inevitably vary to some extent depending on the particular tutor(s) hosting a course. Week long Guitar Getaways will allow a greater focus on particular techniques, theory, styles and repertoire, and students should expect to undertake each of the following classes several times during the week (e.g. there might be five Techniques and Applied Theory classes forming a "mini-course" of their own over the five days).

Fretboard, Techniques and Applied Theory:

Cutting edge, pro-level playing techniques, delivered with the background theory that underpins them. A wide range of styles will be covered, including both lead and rhythm techniques.

Practical Licks and Riffs:

This session will include learning some "real-world" practical applications for some of the theory and techniques that may have been covered in the Techniques and Applied Theory class. (For instance a riff may be learnt that utilises vibrato and string bending techniques, based on a minor pentatonic scale).


An insight into key guitar playing styles (subject to demand, groups may agree to focus in more depth on particular styles)

Performance Skills:

Focusing on detailed work with students on their approaches to performance, and introducing some tunes or sections of tunes that are to be performed in the Performance session.

Performance Session:

This is a workshop in which students can play with a rhythm section, under the supervision and tutelage of an expert professional guitarist and/or bassist. Students will be able to play full tunes, or play extracts of tunes, such as riffs, chord moves or solos.

Practice workshop:

Focuses on selected material delivered during the course, but with an emphasis on how to effectively practice, consolidate, adapt and ultimately apply material. This session also has a "Guitar Counselling" aspect, where students can raise issues / discuss playing problems or career aspirations with the tutor(s).

In addition to the above there may be some availability for one-to-one private lessons. Fees for such additional tuition will vary, depending on the tutor. Details will be provided in advance when a tutor's availability for evening private lessons is confirmed. Back to the Summer School enrolment page Back to the General Course Enrolment page