Individual Guitar Getaways

Individual Guitar Getaways are an ideal option if you want to:

  • Study longer or shorter hours for each day of your holiday
  • Study a more specialised style of guitar
  • Focus on one or two aspects of your playing - such as improvisation or song-writing

The core of an Individual Guitar Getaway is a collection of one to one private lessons. Depending on your preference, these can be supplemented with performance coaching with a rhythm section. You can take as many private lessons each day as you like, although for Beginners, it is generally recommended not to take more than three hours on any one day. An effective plan might be to take one or two hours of lessons in the morning (say from 9-11), and a further one or two hours in the afternoon (say from 4-6). Because they are arranged on a custom made basis, to book your individual Guitar Getaway, please contact us to discuss your requirements.