Shaun Baxter

Shaun Baxter will be giving a master-class as part of the 2010 Summer School

Shaun is one of the world's most important guitarists and guitar tutors.

We are delighted to welcome him as a master-class artist for Guitar Getaways

Larry Carlton


Larry Carlton presented our first Guitar Getaways Awayday in London on Wednesday 19th November 2008

Larry Carlton is a modern giant of guitar playing - and we hope to present more events with him in the near future.

Transcribe (Seventh String)

Transcribe Software

Transcribe is indispensable for almost every practice session:

Slow down tracks as much as you need

Select snippets of tracks and replay them automatically to nail/work out what is being played, and how!

Transcribe comes with a range of effects to assist transcription and practice - such as fine tuning of tracks to avoid having to retune your guitar, pitch control, high and low frequency cut to improve clarity of the instrument(s) you are transcribing

There is no equivalent transcription tool available at such a price. This software is a massive modern assist to learning the guitar.

Get a free trial now at

Guitar Pro 6


Guitar Pro 6 is the professional way to download tab/music from the web

Polished and accurate transcriptions are presented in tab/staff format in most cases, with good quality instrument patches

Guitar Pro 6 seems to attract more professional transcribers, meaning that the learning of the piece is often, if not always more straightforward

Guitar Getaways highly recommends this brilliant piece of software

You can download a trial version here

Cornford Amplification

Cornford Amps logo

Cornford make some of the most exciting amps in the world. Their equipment represents British engineering at its creative best.

Cornford have supplied amplification for our Summer 2008 Cornwall master-class with Guthrie Govan.

Visit the Cornford Amps website