Scott Henderson


Whilst many well known guitarists are recognised for their work as sidemen with other famous names, Scott's career really took off when he landed the guitar gig with two of the biggest names in fusion today - Chick Corea, and Joe Zawinul.

In 1984, he formed Tribal Tech, with bassist Gary Willis. During the sixteen year life of the band, Tribal Tech established a reputation as one of the most influential and important bands of the fusion genre.

Such was the impact of Scott's playing during this era, that he was voted #1 Jazz Guitarist, by Guitar World Magazine in 1991, and received the same accolade from the readers of Guitar Player Magazine in 1992.

Scott's recent work has been a melange of funk, fusion, and perhaps most notably, he has made a successful return to the blues. His 1994 blues focused album "Dog Party" was voted best blues album by Guitar Player magazine.

Scott at the Baked Potato:

In 1998 he released the first of two albums with (bassist) Victor Wooten and (drummer) Steve Smith, as the trio Vital Tech Tones. This album has been described thus: "Complex, robust, full-bodied: like a bold cabernet, the jazz-rock fusion that flows from Vital Tech Tones Vol 2 is best appreciated by those with mature tastes and inquisitive natures" (1).

Like many of the world's leading guitarists, Scott has a high profile involvement in guitar education and pedagogy - he is a senior faculty member of the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, where he delivers Open Counselling sessions to advanced guitar students.

He has also released two Guitar Instructional videos:

Jazz Fusion Improvisation

Melodic Phrasing

He has also published two collections of his compositions, and more recently "Jazz Guitar Chord System", an innovative approach to the study of jazz chord theory and harmony.

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